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We see it every day while we are out and about.  Babies holding their parents phone, chewing on it, looking at movies, banging it on the shopping cart.  Actually makes me cringe when I think of how much my smartphone cost.

mobile websitesIt is almost as if they are in training.  Babies mimic what they see those around them do, and they see mom, dad, and siblings on this shiny object all the time. But what about grandma? Do they see her on the phone just as much?

A report from PewInternet.org came out this year that states that 85% of Americans 18 and older own a cell phone. Those numbers were gathered last year, so I would imagine it is much higher now.

When I speak to clients they often think that their demographic is not suited for mobile marketing. Most times they think that young people are the only ones packing phones and using them for texting and surfing the web.  Well do I have a surprise for them!

Here Are Some Stats

10% of us live in a land line-only or no phone household. Which means 90% of us live in a household with a working cell phone. I would venture to say that there are more than one cell phone in your household. Am I correct?

Millennials (age 18 – 34) – 95% own a cell phone

Gen X (ages 35 – 46) – 92% own a cell phone

Younger Boomers (ages 47 – 56) – 86% own a cell phone

Older Boomers (ages 57 – 65) – 84% own a cell phone

Silent Gen (ages 66 – 74) – 68% own a cell phone

G.I. Gen (ages 75+) – 48% own a cell phone

Do these numbers surprise you?  In my world, grandmas can be in any of the categories from Younger Boomers on.

So if  you are questioning if your target audience is on a cell phone and if it is a good way to market to them, the answer is YES! These numbers are only going up.