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Mobile marketingSimply because this is where people are searching for your services.  Whether you know it or not, you probably have some reviews out there posted by satisfied, or dissatisfied customers.

Should you be aware of these reviews? YES!

“There are 5 billion plus cell phone users versus only 1.8 billion internet users.”
51 million of those are using smart phones, which make searching even easier on the go.

You don’t really need a website any longer, but it helps.  If you are optimized for mobile searches, you have a mobile website in place, with maps, phone numbers, addresses, reviews from happy customers and special coupons or news items.  You can even show videos and images of products, all on the screen of a smart phone.

Try to find your business on your smart phone and see what happens.  Search by business type, such as restaurant, or hardware store.  Are you there? Will you stay in that position? Not if you have not been optimized for mobile.