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A couple of months ago we ran 100 Alaska small business websites through Hubspot’s website grader.  We selected the 100 using the Buy Alaska website, selecting the first four from each alphabet category that fit our criteria.  The results were a bit surprising, or are they?

The first thing we looked at was traffic ranking.

  • range 3.84% – 85.08%
  • median for ranking 32.93%
  • 61 rank 0%

What is traffic ranking?

Alexa, an Internet information company, ranks the most popular sites on the web, from top to bottom.  This list is a great way to check the amount of traffic to any web site, competitors, suppliers, clients, etc.  To get the skinny on any web address, simply:

1)                 navigate to Alexa.com

2)                 enter the URL you are curious about, and

3)                 look at the results, provided in terms of rank, and inbound links.

A ranking of zero percent, received by over half of our sample, suggests that these websites have almost no web presence.

Google puts the most value on the number of inbound links you have coming to your site from reputable places.  To increase your ranking on Alexa would involve all of the inbound marketing tactics we discuss in this blog.  First you need to create interesting content, optimize each piece of content, and promote it through social media and email channels.  Set aside a few minutes today and think of content your potential can current audience would benefit from seeing. The more content you get out there, the higher your chances of getting found, which increases your site traffic.

website traffic rank

Screen print of Alexa.com

This is not a place to end, but a place to begin.  Increased traffic does not mean more sales.  Join us for an over view of the entire report on our webinar, or download your own copy.  Learn what your ranking is today and then do something to get that number to climb!