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Link building can be a daunting task, and very time consuming. But the time is well worth the results, especially since Google considers inbound linksGoogle Blog Search from authoritative sites as good as a personal reference.

One way to build inbound links is to develop a list of blogs that already rank for your main keywords and start building a relationship. Here is a simple gameplan to get you started.

1. Select 10 of your main keyword phrases you are trying to rank for.

2. Type them into a Google search bar and select the Blog option. This will show a result for blogs that rank for the keyword phrase.

3. Review the blogs to verify that you indeed share the same interest. You might even want to run them through Hubspot Website Grader to check for authority.

4. Approach the blog writers and begin to build a relationship.  Write about one of their posts in your blog.  Link to them first. Then see if you can write a guest blog that their readers would be interested in.

Be unique and genuine when approaching blog writers.  Don’t create a cookie cutter letter and send to all of them.  Approach each blog writer individually after studying their blog and see how you might be able to work with each other.

Do you have any other ideas for using Google to find link building targets? Share them here in the comments.

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