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I admit it.  I am hooked on infographics.  A new one came across my desk this morning from Volinsky Consulting. It is not specifically about mobile marketing, but you really cannot develop a marketing plan without including mobile marketing.


mobile marketingBefore I jump into the intriguing information from that infographic, you should know of a report done by Morgan Stanley that shows by mid 2013 there will be more people accessing the internet via mobile devices than desktop computers.  And that number goes up exponentially, while the number of desktop users levels out. That should make you say, ‘hmmmm.’ Finger to the lip is optional.

A word about trends

The Volinsky inforgraphic shows latest marketing trends that the small business marketer should not ignore. Especially while setting your new year marketing budget. Outbound methods of marketing continue to be less effective, including direct mail, trade shows, TV advertising and telemarketing.

What is increasing in numbers is inbound marketing. US internet users are demonstrating the following:

  • Spending 2.7 times more time on social media and blogs than on email.
  • 91% using social media at least monthly
  • 64% reading blogs
  • 62% saying their company blog is ‘Important’ to ‘Critical’
  • 13% of budgets allocated to SEO

Things you should do about it

Remember the old saying,’Think Globally, Act Locally?’ Your marketing plan should do the same. Your locally produced content is sent out there to a global audience. In the US there are an estimated 185 million people online, researching products and information. So how do they find you?

1. Create great content that is worth finding and make sure it is easily found on a mobile device.

2. Create a community through social media and drive more visitors to your website.  And that website should also be easily seen on mobile devices.

3. Make sure every thing you create is search engine friendly. Your website, your social media, your images — everything.  SEO is a major component to being seen by some of those 185 million people.

Now sharpen those pencils and take a good look at your marketing plan for the next year. What do you think is the most important thing you left out?