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SMS Text Message Marketing is still quite new in businesses. But it is certainly an effective way of marketing since there are many people nowadays who have cellphones. According to the latest cell-carrier research, 97 percent of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83 percent within one hour), as compared to email marketing messages, which has a much lower open rate (less than 10%).

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application in the world. This is why SMS text message marketing is a good way to promote any business because it is easy to reach anybody through SMS. This type of advertising is gaining more popularity because it is essentially cheaper, and businesses can easily reach its intended audience through SMS.text message marketing

In the past, big companies such as such as Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s have been successful in marketing campaigns through text messages. This does not mean that small businesses can’t take advantage of SMS text message marketing.

If there is anyone in the market who needs promotion, it’s the small businesses. There are various ways to be “found” online, and aside from those strategies, it is a good idea for small businesses to also use other ways to promote their businesses. Again, seeing that SMS is a cheap way to gain more customers, then why not?

Small Business Promotion

SMS is a good way to promote small businesses because they are more personalized since the intended audience can easily be reached. In addition, once the text messages arrive on a user’s cellphone, it is immediately opened and read. The alerts within the message should be easily acquired by the customer, since customers always have their cellphones with them.

Perhaps the small business has sent a coupon for a discount the next time that the customer visits. Take for example a restaurant that sent a coupon to a previous customer; and all this customer needs to do is to present the message to the cashier on their next visit, and he gets a discount or a freebie, or whatever the owner might set up. Chances are, this customer will keep coming back and will even tell his friends. Therefore, more customers for you.

Small Businesses Have Better Control

With SMS text message marketing, small businesses have better, if not full, control of their marketing. They don’t have to wait for sales reps, changing ad positions and rising costs. Through this type of marketing, small businesses are able to control their subscriber list, timing and messages without outside interference.

Those business owners who have done this type of marketing have already found that the return of investment of promoting their small business this way exceeds the money spent on any other type of advertising.


SMS text messaging is great for small business and allows you to compete with the larger competition.  It also allows you the ability to speak to individuals instead of mass media. Are you trying SMS Text Messaging yet?