Day in the life of Inbound Train

I promised I would post an example of FB Live, but about 30 seconds into it I lost connectivity. But this is also a good lesson.Many people would love to work from the road. But it has its challenges! For example, this is the only campground within 10 miles of where we have been working for the past few weeks. But we have no cell service and share a wifi connection with the other campers. As the Park fills up, the bandwidth goes down. Anyway, this video is an example of four ways you can use FB Live. First, it shows a day in the life of our business. No two days are the same. Second, it shows behind the scenes of Wayne Sturm our Google Maps Expert and virtual tour photographer. Third it shows a short interview, and fourth it demonstrates how you can share tips with your audience. The next video I have planned is to interview an expert I met at a Daven MIchaels event about three weeks ago. She lives near Grand Junction, our old stomping grounds, which is on our way to Denver (I have a training there on the 2nd). You will not want to miss that one!

Posted by Inbound Train on Friday, February 24, 2017