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QR Code marketingQR or quick response codes have been around for quite some time and offer many opportunities for restaurant marketing. They are actually a bar code but it has nothing to do with the ones that you see in a local department store. This is the type of code that enables marketers to grow their customer base. Thus, more profit!

Here’s the general idea. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. And along with a smart phone, comes applications, features, and one of this is a QR code scanner/reader.

For anyone with a restaurant, you can make use of a QR code to help market your restaurant. And if you are proud of a positive review given by a customer from sites such as Foursquare or Yelp, then it is best to show these reviews.

Suggested Uses for your QR Codes

  • Place a QR code at your entrance door that, when clicked, will lead customers to reviews about your restaurant.
  • Put some codes on menus or specific dishes in your menu that has garnered high praises from other customers. They can simply scan the code and get the recipe; you can even include a video clip of your chef preparing the meal. In this way, your clients will know which dish is worth eating and you can market your best sellers.
  • Print out a QR code on posters or anywhere appropriate that will lead them to take-out menus. This is simply a digital version of your own menu. Don’t forget to include a hotlink that lets them call your restaurant for orders.
  • Put some QR codes in your ads or other promotional materials and offer a link to a coupon. You can even add in information about your daily specials to entice more clients. With the help of a QR code, you can give basic information about your restaurant such as your address, phone number or perhaps a bit of a story about your restaurant.

Marketing your restaurant through QR codes is highly dependent on customer reviews. You can gain more reviews by putting a QR code on our receipts so that you can instantly get feedback from your customer’s dining experience in your restaurant. Thus, you can get more feedbacks to share to other potential clients.

Diners love to find restaurant with the help of review site. With the help of your QR code, you might attract more diners to your restaurant. You can lead them to a review site with your restaurant in as their content so that they can read about your splendid dishes and immaculate service.

Ask  your marketing agency how you can use this technology to increase your business.

With the help of QR codes, your restaurant is open to prospective diners. As most want to know more about your services before deciding if it’s worth their hard earned money. And when coupled with the fact that majority of the population right now own a smart phone, you can easily redirect them to a mobile version of your site where you can display menus, restaurant hours, specials and ask them to give you a review.