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text message marketingThere are different ways to market your product these days. This is due to the various choice of medium that a marketer can use. It is important that you know very well how to market your products effectively. The main choices of medium are television, radio, internet and mobile phones.

“About 97% of Text Messages are Opened”

If you are planning to market your products and want to interact with your clients personally, the best choice would be the internet and the mobile marketing. Between the two, you can come closer to your clients personally with mobile marketing.

Almost everyone these days never leaves the house without these three things: their phone, keys and wallet. So chances are good they are there when you are ready to interact.

Mobile marketing usually uses the cell phone’s SMS Text Messaging system to reach out to your customers and interested parties. Through texting, you can send them relevant information when it is needed. This is more effective compared to other types of marketing because the information that you are going to send goes directly to the person’s personal mobile phone. The only question is how are you going to get their number?

How it works

You have seen it before, “Text this word to 12345”, on table tops, and in other advertising. What this does is captures the person’s cell number that is sending this message to  your account. They are giving you permission to send them announcements, while having the option to opt out of the list at any time.  Similar to your email capture program (you do have one right?)

Let’s say you own a restaurant and your Wednesday evenings are slow right now. Send out a text message around 3 p.m. stating that everyone showing this text message between 5 and 7 tonight to their server will receive a free appetizer! Voila!  Your empty seats are empty no more.

This is just one more technique to building relationships with your clients. It is a win-win relationship.

Best Bang for Your Buck

Talking to your customers personally through inbound marketing is much better than taking the chance that they will notice your advertisements and pitches with traditional outbound marketing methods. Since about 97% of people are still opening their text messages, and they have chosen to communicate with you this way, chances are good you will have a much higher return on your investment than an add in the local newspaper.


Inbound marketing offers many more ways to communicate and bond with your customers and potential customers especially through mobile marketing. See how your business can use SMS Text Messaging to reach out!