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mobile marketingMarketing today has taken over the internet. It is a very effective way of marketing because nowadays, there are more and more ways that people can be connected to the internet. One of those ways is through their mobile phones. And so, the term mobile marketing has been coined by various entrepreneurs who have started to use this strategy of marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is simply marketing on or with the use of a mobile device, such as a cellphone. Various entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this technology because it is easy and inexpensive since people these days always have their mobiles with them. On a recent research survey conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association, 90% of Americans are subscribed to mobile devices, and that 25% of the consumers are more likely to respond to advertising if they are able to do so via a mobile response such as SMS short code. Essentially, mobile marketing is very effective.

Using QR Codes

One way for businesses to use mobile marketing is through QR codes. QR, or quick response codes, is a 2 dimensional bar code that have the ability QR Code marketingto store information. These codes are cheap and can provide on-the-spot access to resources about the company. With the right app installed in the user’s smartphone, they will be able to easily scan, or take a picture of the QR code, which in turn will provide the relevant linked information via mobile websites.

An example of the use of the QR code is to place it on a train, for instance. While riding trains, people may get bored, and as a result, they usually take out their mobile phones to play or surf the internet. When they see the strategically placed QR code, they will scan or take a picture of this, and then, there you go; it will take them now to your website.

Mobile Websites

Before this, another way for businesses to use mobile marketing is to build a mobile website for your business. With the QR codes in use, this would mean that your customers are using mobile phones. It would be convenient if the QR code will link them to mobile websites for easier viewing. Indeed, mobile websites are quickly rising in popularity because it is easily accessible on any Smartphone.

A fun and creative way for you to market your business is by printing QR codes on t-shirts, which you can then sell to your customers. Having QR codes printed on your receipts would also be beneficial to your business.


Are you marketing to your customers and potential customers via their mobile devices?  If most of us never leave home without our cell phones, why wouldn’t you?