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link buildingPicked up an old copy of Seth Godin’sUnleashing the Ideavirus” last week at TitalWave bookstore in Anchorage.  He speaks of Google as the new kid on the block.  The book was published in 2001.  Some of the ideas in the book have seen a full transformation. Others seem like they are still new ideas for the day.

For example, in one of the last sections he speaks about how Google does not read every web page and determine what is in the content.  Instead, Google looks to see who is linking to the site. The more links the better. This identifies the page as popular and takes it to the top. So even back in 2001 we knew that inbound links were important to page ranking.

Today, inbound links that are relevant and popular themselves, account for as much as 75% of how you rank in Google.

Of course there will always be those un-ethical web developers who try to trick Google and other search engines by creating link farms or other blackhat methods. Recently the trend is to hire cheap labor to fill out your contact forms and fill the comments box with URL’s of unsuspecting clients thinking they have paid a reputable SEO company to build incoming links. Been seeing those lately?

Building reputable inbound links takes time and it includes communicating with others and building relationships.  Here are three ways to get things rolling.

1. Write a blog that has good information that others will want to share. The more pages of content you create, the more chances of getting found and having your information shared.

2. Promote your blog articles in social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. There are dozens of sites out there to choose from.  If your articles are optimized with your targeted keywords, you have a better chance of being found and shared.

3. Find directories that address your industry and customers looking for your services.  Some local ones include Buy Alaska and your local chamber of commerce. If they allow you to add content then be sure to do so.  I add events and announcements in the Buy Alaska directory each week.

Every opportunity to have a link back to you is an opportunity to get better ranking in Google and to ultimately get found online and get more customers and clients.

Share other link building ideas you may have or some you have used in the comments below.  We are all small businesses who would love to share!