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Have you ever noticed black and white graphics over the internet? These are called QR codes. They are 2-D bar codes that direct customers to a certain website, email address, Google Place page or video. They can even instantly let customers view your business information.

A few years ago in the mobile marketing arena, these quick response codes (QR codes) entered the US market. This is all made possible by the explosive use of smart phones. With the help of QR codes, you have the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and increase customer awareness to your business. This is a highly valuable strategy especially for small businesses.

QR codes improve your customer’s experience with your business. It gives them access to a completely new platform of information as you can print or even send out QR codes through email.

The use of QR codes for small businesses is unlimited. Here are 3 ways to use QR codes for small businesses.

1. Social Media and Websites

You can add in QR codes to your social page or contact page so that users can simply scan the code and obtain your information. You can even add on a few bells and whistle to attract more clients.

2. Business Cards and Product packaging

You can also print QR codes on your business card or on your products. This will help potential clients get information about your company through video presentation or online brochure. You can also add information about products such as tutorials, instructional videos and guides.

3. Advertising and Press Release

Promoting your product has never been this easy. You can include QR codes in your ads and press releases. Simply direct your readers to online press rooms or news page to get more information about your products and services.

In case your smart phone doesn’t have a QR codes scanner, you can simply get a QR code reader at no cost online. All you have to do is search on Google and download it in a snap! Or, if you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can get apps like Bar code scanner and QR droid for free.

So when you want to provide more information to your clients and get their trust, update your marketing performance, or  simply want to incorporate a new strategy to your marketing plans, then QR codes is worth the try.

However, if you are going to use QR codes for small business promotion, you still have to consider the fact that QR codes are still unfamiliar to some people. But right now, more and more people are acknowledging its benefits. So, with the help of QR codes, you have a cost-effective yet successful means of promoting your small business.

So how are you using QR codes in your small business marketing strategy? Share your experience with other small businesses by posting your thoughts here.