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mobile websitesThe fastest way to reach people nowadays is through their mobile phones. They dominate every part of our day.  You see phones in the ears of drivers on the commute, on the tables at restaurants during lunch, and on the sidewalks in parks. In fact, about 95% of us have one on us at all time.

If your website is not optimized for a mobile device, will you be found?

Here are some tips for making your mobile website friendly.  Because we know you are developing your mobile website now, right?

A Word About Style

It is a known fact that mobile devices have smaller screens, but we don’t need to sacrifice all the style you have put into your desktop website.  Some factors to consider include the following:

  • Maintain consistency of desktop website with similar colors and logo.
  • Reduce the amount of page scrolling required to read your information. Be concise.
  • Optimize images for the size of the mobile device screen. This will reduce load times. You can always link images to larger versions.

Keeping It Simple

Keep in mind that mobile visitors have a short attention span, so make priority tabs, since users usually go to a certain page and glance. Keep these tabs up front and easy to navigate. Your mobile website might include things like:

  • Search
  • Phone Numbers
  • Directions
  • Menus
  • Specials

What Devices Are They Using?

Use your analytics software to determine what devices people are using to view your mobile website.  You can then test your mobile website to make sure it is viewable on different types of phone operating systems, such as iPhone and Android.  You will also check how it looks on tablets like the iPad. A good place to start might be the Opera Mobile Emulator or Mobilizer.