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facebook fansDid you know that 76% of Fans come back every day to Facebook? And that the typical Fan has and average of 310 friends?  That is a very powerful bit of information if you are using social media in your small business marketing plan.

Page fans also click links 5 times more than non-fans. Why do you think that is?

Well, we think it is because they have chosen to become a fan of your brand and trust that you are giving them good advice.  This is a targeted audience, so treat them well. Don’t send out spammy messages or send pictures of your two year old with cake all over their face.  This might be fine once in a great while to show your personality, but not on a regular bases. Also, don’t send them sales pitches every day. Share GREAT information they can use.  That’s why they follow you.

What are Fans looking for?

Deals of course.  Or news about your industry.  Or they just want to belong to your community.  84% of Fans are already using your product or service and 83% become a fan to be part of some exclusive offers or other benefits.  Just like joining a trade association.

36% buy more after becoming a fan.

Be sure to give your Fans offers and benefits just for them and give them a reason to share with their friends. Remember, they have an average of 310 each.  Can you see how big that web can be?

Bottom line: Treat your fans like you would your grandmother. Treat them with respect and give some treats once in a while. Pretty soon you will have hundreds of people at the family reunion.

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