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Fine tuning your mobile presence is becoming more of a necessity in your small business marketing mix. More people are checking their mobile devices for browsing, searching, checking email, chatting, and shopping. How does your company look on a mobile device?

Here are some tips to consider when creating your mobile website.

Simplify Your Content

Ask yourself two basic questions. “What is the purpose of my mobile website?” and “What would I like to accomplish?” This may help you organize your data before you input onto your mobile site.  Chances are that you don’t need everything duplicated from your main website.

Just the facts, man.

A good place to start is to provide at least these five essential components to your mobile website:

  1. Search for nearby locations (or just information about your single location)
  2. How can they contact you NOW.  Include a “Click here to call” and maybe an email link.
  3. Product/Service specials and promotions
  4. Brief description of your products and services
  5. Links to social media sites

The main goal is to create a mobile website that is easy to use and provides just enough information to help people find you and get an answer to what they are searching for. Then you can start developing a more interactive mobile website, which is what the public will be searching for in the near future.