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QR Code marketingNowadays, more and more people are using their mobile phones. In addition, this year with the implementation of mobile bar code technology, you can see QR codes almost everywhere – from restaurants, wrapping paper, exhibits, cinemas and any marketing campaign imaginable. This is much in trend as mobile traffic practically grew to more than 600% compared to last year.

In fact according to ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report, certain scan systems now process an average of more than 1 scan in every second compared to 10 scan per minute last year.

The report shows that 1D bar codes are now toppled over by 2D bar code, which is increasingly gaining its popularity. In addition, right now, every day there are scans that come from more than 125 countries all across the world.

The report also showed that there are more than 45,000 QR codes that are generated in one platform in the 2nd quarter this year, which is staggering 300% increase from last year. In addition, more than 400,000 unique UPC products or codes are scanned by a certain application in just one month. Now that is simply amazing!

Aside from that, there is a strong presence of QR codes in the market as more and more retail and wireless industries have generated some of the most scanned QR codes campaigns on products, free standing inserts, store displays, and also in print ads.

Right now, one of the most constant platform that generates most scans is the Android OS. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS has a 7% increase compared to this year’s first quarter but Android dropped 4% and RIM’s Blackberry decreased 3%.

With the user activity rates these days, there are 20,000 app activations each day and almost 50% of all Smartphone have downloaded certain apps using QR codes. This result shows that there is a consistent growth in the number of people using QR codes. More so, we will continue to increase as we see more brands, marketers, resellers and advertisers that make use of these codes.

How might your business use QR codes in its marketing mix?