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Inbound marketing ideasWe have enjoyed teaching marketing classes for small businesses over the years at Small Business Development Centers around the country. In our last class we had a young man that has a handyman service. We always ask what they currently do for marketing, and his was one I have to share.

The goal for all of us is to build new customer relationships. How we do it can be as creative as you want to get. This guy, let’s call him Tom, is real creative in attracting new customers in areas he is already working.

Tom places a yard sign out in front of the place he is working. You can get these rather inexpensively through places like Vista Print or a local printer. The sign asks passersby to follow the project on his Facebook Page.

This does a few things. One, it satisfies our curiosity. What are the Jones’ up to? You know you want to know. We rarely know our neighbors anymore. Tom posts some before and after images on his Facebook that shows his great work.

It also creates credibility. If the neighbors trust Tom, then they can too. Especially if Tom gets a nice video testimonial to post on his Facebook page. Ever try to find a trusted handyman?

We discussed this great marketing tip with Tom after class. He said he was traveling quite a long distance for some of his jobs. A light bulb went off when we suggested that he focus on jobs in his neighborhood. Once the sign goes out the word spreads throughout the neighborhood. Pretty soon he could have a majority of his work going on near his home.

We also suggested creating Apps on his Facebook page for current projects so people did not have to scroll around looking for images of the work. That way he can put it up by address. The home owner could also share this with other family and friends to satisfy another need – the need to show off!

This type of marketing is not limited to a handyman service. Does it fit with your business?

inbound marketing ideas