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“cre·a·tiv·i·ty (noun) – the quality of being creative. The ability to use the
imagination to develop new and original ideas or things, especially in an artistic context.”
…Encarta Dictionary

We are all born with creativity. Everything man-made that you see, smell, hear, and touch was once a thought in someone’s head. It was created. I am sure you have heard that before. But you may also hear voices telling you that you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Nonsense!

Every day that you get out of bed and head off to work, you are creating things. It could be knowledge, a product or service, or a conversation to educate employees or customers. Everything we do comes from thought – A single idea that is a blend of our own experiences and knowledge gained from outside sources.

I once read a book by Dr. Amen that said something like “fat makes you stupid.” It was a little offensive at the time, but made perfect sense. Our brains are partially fat. Too much fat slows it down. Who wants their brain to slow down?

So as to my bad habits…I have been walking around with an extra 75 pounds for many years. I tried all kinds of diets, but none ever worked. It was not that the diet did not work, it was that I did not make the right changes. The void needs to be filled with something else positive. Something better than the bad habit you are eliminating from your life.

Over the past year I began to notice my brain slowing down. Not just because I am nearing 60, but because my lifestyle was all wrong for who I am and wanted to be. It scared me.

A large part of my life involves creativity, including helping others come up with new marketing ideas, designing and developing websites, and creating content. But those are all work related. The real me, the really creative one, was buried under the stress of work and the fat in my brain!

Until a few years ago, 2007 or so, I did crafts. In 1985 I informed my husband to be that I was going to sew my own wedding dress. He said, “Sure you are.” He was not aware that I used to sew a lot and make my own clothes. The dress was beautiful. But the sewing machine sits in storage now, as well as all my other crafty projects.

Where am I going with this? Well, I found a formula to help me in all aspects of my life. And it seems to be working. First is to get rid of the fat on my brain, the brain fog, the cravings, and all the bad stuff. Me and my husband are doing this together which helps.

We used to eat out at least 7 times per week. Nothing good comes from this in our experience! That had to go. In its place is a healthy regimen and health coach with a program.

This is where the creativity comes in. Just three weeks in I began to desire going to the art galleries and events. Having a strong artist community to interact with has been a tremendous help in clearing the fog. Now I can participate in a photography club instead of sitting around munching all night. Or take a clay class, walk on the beach, attend brown bag art presentation, or create my own art.

Two years ago my husband bought me a paint set. It came with all types of paint, pencils, canvas, and tripod so I could learn to paint and get back into some kind of craft. Never was a painter, but always wanted to try. This past Sunday I pulled that out from under the bed, found a peaceful picnic table, and pulled up a YouTube video that showed me how to create a very colorful canvas. It was a blast!

I guess what I am saying is that getting rid of the fat in the brain and replacing your bad habits with creative expression in your local art community may be a key to success for you as well. We all have creativity. The world depends on us to create. Don’t let the fog keep you down.