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Mobile marketingThe common problem of most mobile websites are that the users expectations are not met. They may have problems with navigation or looking for URLs. Check your bounce rate and see if any of these best practices could be implemented on your mobile website.

It has to be simple and easy

You have to make your mobile website easy to use, through optimized navigation and concise presentation. Never make things complicated for your users since most of the users are in a hurry and have no time to wait and toggle.  Help your mobile website users make their life easier by making your mobile site easy to navigate.

Make it easy to find

Make sure your mobile sites are easy to find. Never make your mobile users look and guess for your URL. And you should provide utility once they do find you since mobile users have detailed goals, such as looking for addresses, making reservations for dinner, or a phone number to give you a call.

Be concise

In giving contents to your mobile site users, do not overload them with information. Just give them bite-sized pieces of content. Give them just enough so that they might search out your desktop website for more details.  Just give enough to answer their immediate questions.

Keep pages small

To ensure that your home page loads quickly, try to keep it under 50k in size.  This means resizing images to fit mobile devices. Remember you can always link to a larger image.

Build for the majority

Using good analytic will allow you to see which devices are most popular with users.  For example, if you have 90% of your users accessing from tablets like the iPad, you will probably want to design for that screen size. Monitor this on a regular basis so you can adjust if needed.

This sector of marketing changes quickly, so the overall message here is to keep monitoring and learning about what others are doing and discovering!