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I get this great report each day in my inbox from MarketingCharts.com.  It has  studies pulled in from experts on all things marketing.


social mediaThe chart that caught my eye this morning was created by comScore that shows a 72% increase in the use of smartphones to access social networking sites and blogs. That equates to almost 48 million US smartphone owners in the US over the age of 13!

The numbers are even more amazing when you consider there was an increase of 90% of those who access social networking or blogs on a daily basis – over 28 million of us.

So What Does This Mean to Small Businesses?

First of all, is your small business actively using social media to create conversations with your customers and potential customers? If 48 million of us are on our phones reading and writing on sites such as Facebook, what if you are not there?

Also, blogging is important on so many levels.  Personally, I have an RSS feed coming in to my Google account that I often access and read blogs on my phone while standing in line at the grocery store or anywhere there is a wait. Kind of an upgrade to reading those trash magazines in the checkout or piles of outdated copies in the doctors office.

What Should You Do?

1. Take a look around any time you are out and about.  Is there ever any place where you do not see a phone in someone’s hand or in use?

2. Learn how to use Facebook for your business.There is a multitude of resources out there. Just Google it!

3. Write good content that is worthy of sharing and opening by someone in line at the local grocery store.

Tell us if you access social media on your phone or read blogs on the fly. Do you thnk small businesses should participate?