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mobile marketingToday, most everybody in the world is in possession of a cell phone. This is why many companies today are taking advantage of this widespread use of cell phones to market their products.

SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS is an important aspect and have now become common place in our lives. According to a survey by the CTIA, approximately 90% of the United States population own cell phones, and that 98% of those cell phones are SMS-enabled right out of the box, making text messaging the most popular method of communication method in the world. Add the fact that communicating through text is a cheap and easy. Cell phones are considered effective methods of marketing because of the advent of unlimited texting, which is why this has become a favorite of people across the ages. It even beats out email and phone conversations.

While SMS is not as flashy as the popular apps on the phones today, it provides the marketers with the opportunity to have a one on one communication with customers. Studies showed that the response rates in mobile marketing through text messaging were attractive to marketers, simply because of the fact that 90% of all text messages are read within their delivery, and over 99% of these messages are read by the recipients.

Mobile Apps

Another method that mobile marketing could be used is through rich media in cell phones. Companies such as Google and Apple are currently going head to head with their apps. Because of the growing interest of people to smart phones, these companies are on the rise because more people enjoy the apps that they bring to the market. Now, other companies take advantage of this fact by slipping their rich media ads on the apps of these companies. An example of this is in a Dictionary app; perhaps an ad for a product will pop out in between one of the searches.

Mobile Websites

Mobile sites are also good choices for mobile marketing today. This is why companies are now confused if they would choose mobile sites or mobile apps. As previously stated, 90% of the people in the U.S. own cell phones, and many of these are able to surf on mobile sites, through their phones. It has been estimated that by the year 2014, half of the Americans will be browsing the web through their cellphones. Therefore, marketers are looking at this possibility as a positive means to keep their businesses going.

There are a lot of possibilities in the world of mobile marketing. This is why marketers are taking more and more interest in this method of marketing.

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