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Getting hits to your website has been the measurement of success for quite a while now.  You hear people tell you, “I have 2,000 unique visitors to my website each month!”  Your response should be, “How many of those did you turn into customers?” If the answer is I don’t know then the number really means nothing.

The goal of any small business website is to create leads so you can sell your product.  To do this your online marketing plan needs to include a lead generation process.  Here are three components that are a must!

1. Fabulous Offer

The first step is to create free offers that your potential and current clients would love to have.  It might be an informative ebook, an industry report, checklist,or fabulous special.  It has to be fabulous because you are asking them to trade you their personal information in exchange for your offer.

2. Call to Action

Next you will create a click-able call to action. A nice graphical image that tells the visitor to do something.  “Get your free XXX report!” or “Download your XXXX checklist.” Be sure to tell them how great the offer is and what they need to do to get it. This will be inserted on blog posts, strategically placed on your website, and in social media networks.

3. Landing Page

After they click the call to action, they should be on a landing page that either has the actual download link, or a form to trade them the offer for their contact information.  Be sure to only get the information you need.

If you have all of these components in your online lead generation program you will be able to measure how many of those 2,000 page visits actually turned into leads. It is then up to you to nurture those leads until they become an actual customer/client.

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