Was looking for creative images of ways people are using QR codes this morning and found these great ideas.  They represent some creativity and some are even edible. How would you use QR codes in your restaurant?

This QR code might take you to a listing of ingredients, a contest, or a coupon.  What do you think it might go to?







QR code restaurant marketingHere is an edible code that describes the ingredients of the food items.  What about calories or a nice wine pairing?






Restaurant marketingThis restaurant included a QR code in their sign out front. This could go to their menu, or the days specials.  How might you use it in front of your restaurant?

The number of possibilities are unlimited.  Grab that glass of wine, sit down with some creative minds and start thinking of ways you can use this very useful tool in your marketing plans.


Build Your Own Website Class

After three days you will have a custom built website, not one of those so called "easy" sites. 

Fabulous! You will receive a personal email from the instructor requesting a time to talk by phone to see if this is really a good fit for you!