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Online Marketing Strategy Sessions

These online marketing strategy sessions are meant to help you create strategies for your small business that will increase your organic search results. You will work directly with an inbound marketing specialist in a small group.  The sessions are limited to 6 people and create a mini-mastermind group where you will gain from the creativity of others in your group.

Prerequisite: Attend the “Is Your Business Google-ized” class, either live or online, before attending the strategy sessions.

Who should attend?:  Anyone tasked with marketing a small business.

What is a strategy session?: Each week we will focus on one strategy, including: 1) content strategy, 2) social promotion strategy, 3) lead generation strategy, and 4) customer appreciation strategy. You will leave the session with a full strategy to implement over the following 30 days. You may attend each month.

How long are the sessions?: Each session will be 90 minutes.

Where are the sessions held?: For now we will have live sessions in Grand Junction, CO and also an online version available over Skype. Location will be announced soon.

How do I register?: Please fill out the form on this page to show your interest and we will contact you about availability.

How much do they cost?: You can purchase individual sessions or buy a monthly membership pass. The pass will allow you to attend all four sessions. All must be paid in advance as the sessions are limited to 6 each.

Individual sessions: $40 per session
Monthly Pass: $99 per month

When will the sessions be held?: Sessions will be posted on our event calendar, but you need to fill out the form on this page so we may contact you about availability and verify your qualification.

Let us know if you are interested in attending one of the workshops or sessions.

Live or Online

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