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Create a sub-domain in Dreamhost

The beauty of Dreamhost is that we can create as many sub domains as we want for different projects. For class, we will create a sub-domain to build the draft website.  Once it is where you want it to be, we will copy it to the main domain at the last class.

    1. Log in to your Dreamhost account.
    2. Go to Domains > Manage Domains in the left side navigation.
    3. Click the Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-Domain button.
    4. Add a subdomain name in the Domain to Host box. For class let’s use draft.yourdomain.com (insert your domain name in place of yourdomain.com)
    5. Select the top box “Leave it alone….”
    6. Under Web Options, click the boxes for HTTPS, Automatically upgrade PHP, and Extra Web Security. Then scroll down and click the box to tell them you are not a robot, and the blue button to Fully Host This Domain. Be sure to copy and paste your username and password into your login document were you are keeping all your login information. Name this one sub domain.