DIY WordPress Websites Design and Development

2-Day Workshops in Grand Junction, Colorado

This two day DIY WordPress website design and development workshop is held in Grand Junction, Colorado. By building your own website your will learn:

  • How to create pages in WordPress Divi Theme
  • How to design website for best user-experience
  • How to maintain and update your own pages
  • How to manage quick changes for lead generation
  • How to find royalty free images and how to size them correctly
  • To write content that attracts your ideal customer
  • How to create forms and landing pages for lead capture
  • How to get pre-written content to use as your lead generation give-aways
  • Search engine optimization for each page ($1000 value)
  • How to create a blog and the content to go in it
  • and much more!

You will be in full control! No more waiting on a web host to make updates for you! You will build the site on an easy to use platform with dozens of extras to make your overall online marketing easier to do in-house.

Class size is limited to 6 participants.

If you were to hire out this service to a web design company you could expect to pay $3000 – $5000 plus a fee each time you want an update.

On top of that, web design companies do not always know how to use your website for marketing. They may leave out important components like SEO or lead generation strategies. The things that make it easy for Google and humans to find you.

Why not learn how to do all this for yourself at a fraction of the cost!

Here is what is included:

  • *Hosting platform (separate fee of $29 month)
  • WordPress website templates to fit your needs
  • Personal instruction for designing your full website

And much more!

*Why is the hosting program so special?

The Mozaic Technologies hosting platform has been developed with your small business marketing in mind.  They have included dozens of components so you don’t need to add them yourself, plus there are small classes coming up to teach you how to use them effectively! Some of these components include:

  • SEO plugins
  • Google My Business, Citation, Keywords
  • Site audit tool
  • Sharing directly to social from your blog
  • Email marketing integration
  • Pixel tracking for Facebook
  • Shopping cart payment integration

There are many things in the toolbox for DIY’rs.

Prerequisite: Must have basic knowledge of the web and use of your computer. You will need to bring your own laptop. Plus you will need to have a logo and domain name before attending. **See below for additional information.

Who should attend?:  Anyone tasked with marketing a small business.

How long are the workshop?: Two – 8 hour days.

Where are the sessions held?:  Grand Junction, Colorado. Let us know if you need travel assistance.

How do I register?: Please fill out the form on this page to show your interest and we will contact you about availability.

How much does it cost?:

Website Training: $600 total price made in 3 monthly payments of $200 each. (Or pay $495 one time)
Monthly hosting: $29 per month
**Optional Logo Design: $199
**Optional Domain Name Assistance: $25 (you will pay approximately $12 per year thereafter)

When will the sessions be held?: We have 2018 sessions scheduled, but you need to fill out the form on this page so we can contact you about availability and verify your qualification.

We have additional classes that will help you gain more skills in marketing your own small business. Our three hour “Is Your Business Google-ized” workshop gives you the big overview of online marketing. You may also like our mini mastermind “Strategy Sessions” where we meet each week to develop our strategies for content, social promotions, lead generation, and customer appreciation.

Upcoming Workshops for 2018
All workshops are on Friday and Saturday.

July 27 – 28

Please fill out the form to show your interest and we will let you know of the next scheduled workshop.

Let us know if you are interested in attending one of the workshops or sessions.

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